The estate

Descended from an old winemaking family in the village of Verdigny, Paul Prieur was one of the first winemakers to revive the wines of Sancerre.

He was among the first in Sancerre both to bottle all his production and also to promote the Sancerre label across France.
In 1968 Paul started exporting his Sancerre wines to Great Britain through the celebrated importers ‘John Harvey and Sons’ of Bristol.

With his two sons Didier and Philippe, the estate based by Paul at Pichon was enlarged to 18.5 hectares. It now includes some of the finest Sancerre vineyards namely: ‘Monts Damnés’, ‘Bouffants’, ‘Coud’Brault’, ‘Les Perriers’,’ Pieuchaud’ and of course ‘Pichon’.

Recently, Didier’s son Luc (who trained at the Lycée Viticole in Beaune) has joined the family enterprise to become the eleventh generation of winemakers.

The Prieur family today remain skilled craftsmen adhering to the principles of traditional winemaking, yet mindful of recent innovations.

Their knowledge and love of their ‘terroir’ means their chosen methods of cultivation respect the environment and all grape harvesting is completed by hand.